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Taekwondo Rings

Inspired by General Choi Hong-Hi’s Distinguished Calligraphy

Scratch-resistant and durable.
Long lasting gloss finish.
Perfect for active lifestyles.

Perfectly Lustrous & Durable

Made of tungsten carbide, one of the strongest metals on Earth, our Taekwondo rings are harder than steel or titanium, and 10x harder than gold. They are scratch-resistant and durable, and maintain both their polish and shape despite the rigors of an active lifestyle. They are two-tone black and chrome to represent the journey of every student of Taekwondo from beginner to black belt.

Honors the Legacy of Taekwon-Do

In 1955, members of the ROK Army named and began to develop a new national martial art for Korea. We practice Taekwondo today in all its forms due to the efforts of Major-General Choi Hong-Hi (the “Father” of Taekwon-Do), Captain Nam Tae-Hi, Master Sergeant Kim Bok-Man, Sergeant First Class Han Cha-Kyo and many other gifted pioneers since who demonstrated and spread Taekwon-Do across the globe.

Inspired by General Choi’s Hanja

The name “Taekwon-Do” was created early in 1955 by General Choi Hong-Hi and Captain Nam Tae-Hi using a Chinese dictionary. General Choi was also a gifted calligrapher, so the name of the new national martial art of Korea was first written in Chinese Hanja. Over the years, General Choi presented many gifts of his “Taekwon-Do” calligraphy. Photos of Gen. Choi’s distinguished calligraphy appear in all his books.

Colin Wee, Sabumnim
Joong Do Kwan (Perth, Australia)
2016 AKaTO Instructor of the Year

Perfectly Beautiful

The ring is beautifully made. It has a lovely weight and finish, perfect for my commitment & passion for Taekwondo.

World Class Product

I am extremely pleased with my Taekwon-Do ring. There is a reassuring weight to the ring and the high gloss finish on the black and chrome really shines. General Choi’s signature on the inside is a nice touch, and the clarity of the etching for both the signature and General Choi’s Taekwon-Do hanja is very good and subtly applied. To cap it off, the price is very reasonable for such a quality item.

Roy Moore, ITF Certified International Instructor
Aberdeen, Scotland

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  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Durable & Scratch Resistant
  • Lustrous Black & Chrome Finish
  • Modern Comfort Fit Styling
  • Inspired by the Acclaimed Calligraphy of General Choi Hong-Hi, the “Father” of Taekwondo
  • General Choi’s Signature Featured Inside the Band
  • 8MM Width for Men | 6MM Width for Women
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  • International Shipping USD $14.00

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