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Taekwondo Rings

Inspired by General Choi Hong-Hi’s Distinguished Calligraphy

Scratch-resistant and durable.
Long lasting gloss finish.
Perfect for active lifestyles.

Perfectly Lustrous & Durable

Made of tungsten carbide, one of the strongest metals on Earth, our Taekwondo rings are harder than steel or titanium, and 10x harder than gold. They are scratch-resistant and durable, and maintain both their polish and shape despite the rigors of an active lifestyle. They are two-tone black and chrome to represent the journey of every student of Taekwondo from beginner to black belt.

Honors the Legacy of Taekwon-Do

In 1955, members of the ROK Army named and began to develop a new national martial art for Korea. We practice Taekwondo today in all its forms due to the efforts of Major-General Choi Hong-Hi (the “Father” of Taekwon-Do), Captain Nam Tae-Hi, Master Sergeant Kim Bok-Man, Sergeant First Class Han Cha-Kyo and many other gifted pioneers since who demonstrated and spread Taekwon-Do across the globe.

Inspired by General Choi’s Hanja

The name “Taekwon-Do” was created early in 1955 by General Choi Hong-Hi and Captain Nam Tae-Hi using a Chinese dictionary. General Choi was also a gifted calligrapher, so the name of the new national martial art of Korea was first written in Chinese Hanja. Over the years, General Choi presented many gifts of his “Taekwon-Do” calligraphy. Photos of Gen. Choi’s distinguished calligraphy appear in all his books.

Perfectly Beautiful

The ring is beautifully made. It has a lovely weight and finish, perfect for my commitment & passion for Taekwondo.
Colin Wee, Sabumnim
Joong Do Kwan (Perth, Australia)
2016 AKaTO Instructor of the Year

World Class Product

I am extremely pleased with my Taekwon-Do ring. There is a reassuring weight to the ring and the high gloss finish on the black and chrome really shines. General Choi’s signature on the inside is a nice touch, and the clarity of the etching for both the signature and General Choi’s Taekwon-Do hanja is very good and subtly applied. To cap it off, the price is very reasonable for such a quality item.
Roy Moore, ITF Certified International Instructor
Aberdeen, Scotland

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  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Durable & Scratch Resistant
  • Lustrous Black & Chrome Finish
  • Modern Comfort Fit Styling
  • Inspired by the Acclaimed Calligraphy of General Choi Hong-Hi, the “Father” of Taekwondo
  • General Choi’s Signature Featured Inside the Band
  • 8MM Width for Men | 6MM Width for Women
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